The Trafsoft Ideal system is a software program that easily calls up various templates that can be edited for an ideal system. We are in development of this software and would like your feedback if this would be beneficial to your company. Attached is a dxf, dwg, pdf and wmf file that can be downloaded.



  • By clicking on a particular sign within the template RSDU will be linked to the detail design of that sign, where it can be edited, with the layout plan updated accordingly.
  • Templates can be added e.g. Accomodation of traffic templates.
  • System interchange templates will also be available.
  • Easily update sign templates within RSDU.




  • Time saving
  • Cost effective
  • Never draw a systems layout again
  • Letter Height specified
  • Distances of sign placement shown
  • SADC codes specified
  • Warning and regulatory signs size specified