Trafsoft Products


Road Signs Design Unlimited

RRoad signs design unlimited is a software package specifically developed for the traffic engineering industry. RSDU offers the user a simple and comprehensive platform to design road signs.

17 300x300


R&W Signs Unlimited

R & W SIGNS UNLIMITED is software that has all the regulatory, warning, diagrammatic and totem signs (800 + signs) in a database.




RSC (Road Signs Capture)

The Trafsoft Asset Management System (TAMS) is a formalised procedure to assist the authority in assessing the current and future needs for maintenance, rehabilitation, upgrading and geometric improvements of the road system within the authority's jurisdiction.




 Ideal System (Layout Plans)

The Trafsoft Ideal system is a software programme that easily calls up various templates that can be edited for an ideal system. We are in development of this software and would like your feedback if this would be beneficial to your company. Attached is a dxf, dwg and wmf file that can be downloaded.