Road Sign Design Version 12.0.1 Release 25 August 2021


25 August 2021

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Road Sign Design Version 12.0.1 Release 25 August 2021.

Improvements / Fixes
Major Upgrade that Includes RSC (Road Sign Capture) Module
Adding Signs within RSD (Road Signs Design) Software to the RSC (Road Sign Capture) Console Data Base.

With this new function within RSD, the user can upload detail designs to a database
After saving your detail design to your directory, the user is prompted to save and add a position to the RSC Console database.

An entire project software suite for:
i. Data / inventory capture;
ii. Control of Detail Designs with Trafsoft’s Road Signs Design software (RSD)
iii. Extracting any report needed, to clients’ needs;
iv. Exact knowledge of materials needed;
v. Schedule of quantities for cost control purposes, export all quantities to excel;
vi. Auto Create and Print Layout Plans;
vii. Performing the control of all road side furniture;
viii. Continued maintenance and as-built data;
ix. Full Control of all your detail designs in one database, link your client to view your project.

See attached pdf's for explanation of functionality.
Click here for detailed explanation on functionality:

I will also be hosting a Webinar on this topic, be on the lookout for this.

Peter Farrell

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