2021 RSD Home Use Covid 19 Lockdown


30 June 2021

Trafsoft News

Dear User

Accessing RSD from Home working under Lockdown.

Due to the current Covid 19 Lockdown situation many clients find themselves having to work from home indefinitely. I can understand that the Trafsoft RSD programme is loaded onto your work PC or a general PC in your offices.

The software does not allow to work remotely,

For those clients that find they need to work from home and have urgent design work,
I am willing to assit by granting a "Covid 19" License for this period.

Login with your username and password; (If you cannot remember your details, there is an option to retrieve (Forgot ....) if you cannot succeed to login to download the installation file, mail me at peter@trafsoft.com and I will forward to you.

Click on Products;
User Menu on left side;
Click on either Downloads or Downloads for Maintenance users;
Download and install the setup file; Release Version setup_rsd_11.0.4
Complete the registration details in the normal manner;
Add Covid 19 as the Contact Person, if you forget this I will add it, this enables me to keep track of your Licenses issued;
An internet connection is required to use the software.

I trust this gesture will assit you to keep the projects rolling.

Keep safe everyone. 

Peter Farrell

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