Road Sign Design Version 11.0.2 Release 5 May 2020


5 May 2020

Trafsoft News

Dear User

Road Sign Design Version 11.0.2 Release 5 May 2020.

Improvements / Fixes

Din A Font Spacing Adjusted and Updated:

We were informed by a user that some of the Din A Letter Spacing were not correct according to a design they had done, (Thank you for this information)

This came about by having Capital Letters combined with Lower Case Letters Spacing,

SARTSM had these letters spaced out too far and was not logical, although previously programmed correct into the software as per SARTSM Manual Guideline,

Other letter spacing were also investigated and checked and found incorrect and hence corrected with this version.

Updated Symbol Library Symbols:

Another query from a client resulted that some of the symbol names did not export correctly to CAD or PDF,

On investigation it was found that the Length of these symbol names was too long, the shortened name exported correctly,

So some symbol descriptions may vary from the RNRTSC Warrants currently available.

Stability and Security Functions:

We have worked on the security issues experienced by some Authorities that do not allow our License Servers to communicate,

Minor adjustments have corrected these issues.

Proxy Settings have been updated and improved.

Various Minor Updates and improvement.

Thank you to all those clients that have continued to pay their License for the coming year, although we are all going through these tough times, I have endeavored to keep the License subscription at the same rate for the past four years as a commitment and service to you, I trust we will all be safe in these difficult times.
Peter Farrell

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