R&W Signs Release Version 10 Build 2.0


11 May 2018

Trafsoft News

Dear User

R&W Signs Version 10.0.20 Release 11 May 2018.

Proxy Connection Added,

Added option for authenticating with your proxy server;

Clients that have previously purchased R&W are eligible to upgrade at no charge.
Demo mode will only allow export of INI signs.

Complete Revamp of R&W Signs Database,
Currently 812 signs in the database.

Export DWG, (Smooth Curves (Poly lines) for import to other vector programs)
Export JPG format,
Export PDF

This New Licensing when run for the first time:

i)    Will request the user to register the machine that will be used to run R&W;
ii)   A automated mail will be sent to our servers, requesting your license key;
iii)  Your License Key will still have to be manually generated, a mail with your license key will be sent back to the Email address you provided in the registration;
iv) Simply copy your license key into the License Key box;
v)  Click Validate;
vi) R&W will startup

Peter Farrell

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