Release Version 10 Build 0.4


22 February 2018

Trafsoft News

Dear User

Road Sign Design Version 10.04 Release 22 February 2018.

Have uploaded a new version that will take care of the issues you have reported
How the Licensing method works is:
Will connect if no proxy needed;
Will connect via http://
If not connect with http:// then will connect with https://
If none above then will ask you to enter your proxy settings
These proxy settings are saved and recalled each time the software connects to our server, (There will be no need to enter them again)
If these settings are changed then these new settings will be used.
If these proxy setting are set to a fictitious proxy then the software will give message that the proxy settings are not valid
Please make sure the user does not fiddle with these settings.  Please let me know if there are still issues

Improvements / Fixes
22 February 2018
Re-designed all Templates and sgx's in the c:\Programme Files(x86)\Road Sign Design Unlimited to incorporate 200mm Verticle Restriction
Updated Proxy Settings to not show passwords
License Keys saved when proxy server is used to connect
Various Proxy Authentication setting added and updated


Peter Farrell

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