Updating Software For Foreign Countries

Updating Software For Foreign Countries, according to that specific countries guidelines. We have had numerous requests to adapt our software to be in accordance to a specific countries guidelines.

The SADC countries have compiled the SOUTHERN AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT COMMUNITY ROAD TRAFFIC SIGNS MANUAL. Road Signs Design Unlimited has been developed according to these manual's specifications. As far as we are aware the world has adapted two signage systems namely the American System and the European System.

All countries should have specific guidelines or manuals regarding it's specifications. We have done extensive research as to the availability of Road Signs Design Software on the web, and have only encountered two other such software programmes, both implementing the American system.

Trafsoft is the ONLY supplier of Road Signs Design software for the Southern Africa Developing Countries (SADC). Trafsoft having the expertise and 27 years of experience in this field are able to develop such software for any country using that countries guidelines or manuals.